Should I love em all?

Do I need a new one to get over the other one?

Maybe I should mix it up a bit. Starting a new roster.  I’m thinking about adding a couple countryboys and cityboys. Otherwise I get tired of the same old thing.

The hunter and countryboy are both out of the picture so its time to move on. But its a hard transition because I loved them both. Actually I probably do love em all. ♥ Is that so bad?

Last nights sexcapade?

I met Ronny B about four yrs ago online. Hung out for an hr or two one night and have texted/sexted for 3 1/2 yrs. Crazy? I know.

Its mostly on me up until this past Christmas. But since New Years Ive been actively pursuing him to see if this could be real. Honestly, I erased his number a couple times but then thought…what if he’s what i’m looking for?

When we first met I had just started online dating. I was practically Amish and he was a wild Cityboy. He reminded me of my high school sweetheart and I knew that there was more to him than His pretty blue eyes, Gucci gear and his Porche. Lol. (I respect him for working his ass off to buy nice things but material things really didnt matter to me. Shit. Did I mention I was Amish???jk

Well, we finally got together after several yrs of anticipation.  Obviously we both knew we wanted to try each other out in the bedroom after our hundreds of 3 am sexts. But I was trying to be good. (My ex told me not to give in too soon. Especially orally. Oh hell. )

It was a beautiful night. We were out on the balcony at the hotel listening to the birds and crickets at the little lake in front of us. And I mentioned how peaceful it was compared to the city. We could almost see the stars even. He said it was nice. “Maybe someday I’ll take you camping & fishing.” He laughed. Little does he know. Countrygirls just use that as an excuse to get freaky outside, under the stars.

Anyways. I held him from behind. He smelled so good. He changed into his sweats and a t-shirt and I just ran my nails lightly down his back, his ass and around to his chest.

Not sure at first but I think he was enjoying it. Then I turned him around looked into his eyes. Kissed him and dropped to my knees hungrily awaiting his cock. Oh myyy. I was pretty hungry. Once again trying to control my hunger. I went back in the room and straightened up a bit. He told me I didn’t have to fold his clothes but that is a pet peave of mine. Finally, I just helped him out of all his clothes and asked him if he wanted me to run his bath. (We talked about this previously so it wasn’t weird).

The hotel had a nice smelling lemon basil bubblebath so I filled half the tub after I cleaned it (yes, I’m a neat freak). He got in and smoked? Ughhh yuck. I didn’t make a big deal but sorry that was gross. I washed his hair and his entire body and then he told me to get in. I hesitated but I did. Here’s when I probably fucked up.

My girls would of told me to speak up and tell him not to smoke in the bath but I didn’t. Instead I got in and let him bathe me. Thankfully he is also a clean freak and honestly I think he showered beforehand anyways because he smelled hella delicious. Lol

After we got our freak on (read last nights post) I picked up a clean towel to dry him off from head to toe. I really watch too many romanctic movies. But he told me to take control. So I did. “Let me do it, that’s what im here for” I whispered. Then I wrapped the towel around his waist and set out his underwear, clothes, watch and manly accessories.

Back in the bed. I let him feed a bit. I told him that I was going to probably flood him because I cum like niagra falls. So I put out a towel behind his head and grinded my nice sweet juicy kitty all over his face…of course I returned the favor and then some because now I switched from June Cleaver to a porn star and there was no way I was letting him go without a hot stream of cum ejecting out of his cock from my soft supple lips. Ohh yeah!

Best response ever…”who the hell are you”? Baby, I’m all your dreams in one! Lady in the streets freak in the sheets and an amazing chef in the kitchen. I’m a “7” that will treat you like an “11” and not bitch when you want to go hang out with your boys. I don’t ask for much. Just alittle romance, a nice dinner, an active date like hiking or swimming once or twice a week and fuck me good till I scream your name!

He asked me to be the dominant one last night…but maybe we can take turns. I wouldn’t mind being the sub for awhile. I’ll find out in the next couple days if/when he calls. I’m definitely not like any other woman he’s dated. That’s for sure!

Sexy Sunday

Guess who’s on his way?



I gave him nothing but shit tonight. Even erased his number.  We’ve been playing this game for almost 4 yrs. But he’s supposedly on his way and should be here in 30mins.

I told him I’m wearing grannie panties and sweats. And we’re going for a drink first. Who knows I might not even be attracted to him anymore.  Lmao. I’m lying. RONNY B is fine as hell. Mmm mmm good. Things are getting pretty wet! Stay tuned!

Ronny B is still fine. He has this slender playboy look going on. Never seen a man wear so much Gucci either. Lol.
It took him a bit to get over here but he was sweet about it. Definitely a Cityboy and didn’t realize his circle of friends were all party boys but I guess everyone has a downfall. I’m just not into that lifestyle. And he definitely isn’t into my country lifestyle but who knows. Opposites do attract.

So after we went and grabbed a couple drinks, we went to a hotel by me. I really didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t expect it to be deja vu to when I was 18 though. The man smoked too damm much! Ughh. I swore I would only date non-smokers. Yuck.

Thankfully, he loves bubble baths. Because boy was I giving him one. I truly had no intention of getting in either but he insisted. Lol. I bathed his entire body then wiggled my big ol bootay in between his legs as he washed my back…my neck…my breasts. Then slighty lifted me and caressed my sweet kitty as I stood up and let him get the full view. He licked and nibbled as I got even more excited as he fingered me with his other hand. I grabbed onto the bar in the the tub and moaned in pleasure. Eat this pussy! Take me now Ronny! The cityboy went to town. Not bad for his mid thirties. You never know how much experience these guys have nowadays.

We get on the bed and we sucked each other back and forth. I squirted once or twice as a reward for a good job then he yells out ” who the hell are you” and shoots out hot cum everywhere. Mmmm mmm . I give you a “B” & for Badboy & maybe with a little more effort I could of had an orgasm too. Lol. Yes men, women need to do both to remotely get turned out. Didn’t happen.

Not sure if I insulted him or what but I asked him how long would it be before he was ready again. Lmao? Damn. He went to smoke then pulled a bitch move. Ok. Sweetie. I got ya.

Honestly, there was no love connection after four yrs of waiting. Could there be more? Maybe. But damn I was hoping for something different.

“Until next time” he whispers…as he rides off on his White horse. Maybe just maybe…

See ladies. Sweet guy. Rich as hell. Has all the fancy toys you all like. Me? Ahhh I want a man that can keep up with me in the bedroom too. And I need a little Romance. Maybe I should stop comparing these white collar cityboys to Christian Grey. 😉 Ronny was pretty damn close to it but maybe I’m just too much of a freak in the bedroom.

Frisky Friday?

Ok I decided to remove everyone but one guy from my Roster. It’s a little lonely lately only seeing my guy once a week but the sex is still Great, just need more of it.

Decided to be a little mischievous this morning and take a booty pic. I’m a curvy woman but I do have a great ass for being over 40. Just sayin. Lol